John Deere 670GP – 12

John Deere 670GP – 12
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John Deere 670GP - 12

John Deere 670GP 12ft Blade with Trimble GCS900 GPS

Take your grading projects to new heights with Vic Graders’ advanced hire solution featuring the John Deere 670GP motor grader equipped with Trimble GCS900 GPS technology. Our hire option empowers you with the tools and precision necessary to achieve superior results on your projects.

Key Features:

  1. John Deere 670GP Motor Grader: Renowned for its reliability and performance, the John Deere 670GP boasts a powerful engine and robust construction, making it ideal for tackling a wide range of grading tasks with ease.
  2. 12ft Blade: The 12-foot blade offers excellent versatility, allowing you to efficiently handle various grading requirements, from precision grading to shaping and finishing work.
  3. Trimble GCS900 GPS Technology: The integrated Trimble GCS900 GPS system revolutionises grading operations by providing real-time, centimetre-level accuracy. This advanced technology enhances productivity and ensures precise grading results, even in complex terrain conditions.

Ready to enhance your grading projects with precision and efficiency? Contact Vic Graders today to discuss your hire needs and experience the difference our John Deere 670GP with Trimble GCS900 GPS can make for your projects.