John Deere 872GP – 16TG

John Deere 872GP – 16TG
John Deere 872GP
Wet & Dry Hire

John Deere 872GP - 16TG

John Deere 872GP 6WD 16ft Blade with Topcon GPS

Take your grading operations to the next level of precision and efficiency with Vic Graders’ comprehensive hire solution featuring the John Deere 872GP 6WD motor grader equipped with Topcon GPS technology. Our cutting-edge equipment and expert support ensure exceptional results for your projects.

Key Features:

  1. John Deere 872GP 6WD Motor Grader: Engineered for superior performance and versatility, the John Deere 872GP 6WD with a 16-foot blade offers unmatched traction and control, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of grading applications.
  2. 16ft Blade: The extended 16-foot blade provides increased coverage and precision, enabling you to achieve accurate grading results across various terrains and project requirements.
  3. Topcon GPS Technology: Seamlessly integrated into the motor grader, Topcon GPS technology offers precise positioning and real-time data for accurate grading operations. With intuitive controls and advanced features, Topcon GPS streamlines the grading process, enhancing efficiency and reducing rework.

Ready to elevate your grading projects with precision and efficiency? Contact Vic Graders today to discuss your hire needs and experience the difference our John Deere 872GP with Topcon GPS technology can make for your projects.