Pandemic Response Plan

Pandemic Response Plan

Pandemic Response Plan

At Vic Graders we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and the community during a pandemic, and to ensuring the continuity of construction operations. We recognize that our Pandemic Response Plan is a living document and will be updated as needed based on emerging regulations and recommendations. All employees and subcontractors are expected to familiarize themselves with this plan and adhere to its guidelines.

Communication and Awareness

We believe effective communication is vital for coordinating emergency responses. Clear communication channels and protocols help ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, facilitating a swift and coordinated effort to address suspected or confirmed cases. In the event of a pandemic, we are committed to:
-Establishing a communication protocol for disseminating information about the pandemic, health guidelines, and company-specific updates.
-Providing regular updates to employees through various channels, including email, notice boards, and team meetings.
-Ensuring that all employees are aware of the symptoms of the virus and the importance of self-reporting if they experience any symptoms.

Health and Hygiene Measures

At Vic Graders, we recognize that proper health and hygiene practices, such as regular handwashing, wearing masks, and respiratory hygiene, are effective in preventing the transmission of infectious agents, including viruses. By following these measures, individuals contribute to the overall well-being of the community. We are committed to:
-Providing necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers and ensuring their proper use.
Version 1 | Issue Date: 18 October 2023 | Review Due: 18 October 2024
-Implement regular handwashing breaks and maintaining proper sanitation practices on-site.

Social Distancing

The primary goal of social distancing is to reduce the spread of the virus. By maintaining physical distance from others, the likelihood of direct person-to-person transmission decreases, helping to slow down the rate of infection within the community. In the event of a pandemic, we will develop a site-specific plan to ensure social distancing measures are maintained, including staggered work shifts, adjusted workstations, and restricted access to confined spaces. As part of our social distancing measures, we will:
-Use signage and floor markings to clearly indicate safe distances and pathways.
-Use signage and barricades to clearly delineate areas of work. Clearly communicate with clients/tenants the areas in which work will occur.
-Ensure social distancing during tool box talks
-Develop a work plan in which each worker uses their own tools and sharing of tools is discouraged. If sharing of a tool is necessary, provide proper sanitation equipment and training on how to sanitize tool before handover.

Screening and Monitoring

At Vic Graders we are committed to proactively minimizing the risk of transmission within the workplace. Screening allows for the early detection of individuals who may be infected with a virus. Identifying cases at an early stage is vital for implementing timely interventions, isolating individuals, and preventing further spread. In order to minimize the risk of transmission we will:
-Implement temperature checks and health screening protocols for all individuals entering construction sites.
-Monitor and track health conditions of employees and subcontractors regularly.
-Establish a protocol for reporting symptoms, exposure, or positive test results.

Emergency Response and Contingency Planning

We recognize that pandemics can unfold rapidly which calls for timely and coordinated actions for effective response. In the interest of the company and public health and safety we will:
-Establish a Pandemic Response Team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to coordinate and implement response plan measures including employee training, social distancing, health and hygiene measures, etc.
-Establish a designated point of contact (Health and Safety Officer) for reporting symptoms or suspected/confirmed cases.
-Designate an isolation area for individuals displaying symptoms.
-Arrange for immediate medical assessment and testing for suspected cases.
-If a confirmed case occurs within the workplace, follow all relevant guidelines and regulations of local health authorities such as reporting confirmed cases and engaging in contact tracing.
-Develop and maintain a comprehensive list of contacts, including public health agencies, local authorities, and key personnel within the organization.
-Identify and communicate alternative supply chain and project continuity measures in the event of disruptions.

Training and Education

At Vic Graders we are committed to training and educating our employees in order to increase awareness and understanding of a pandemic, its characteristics, and the measures needed to mitigate its impact. We believe well-trained individuals are more likely to effectively implement pandemic response protocols. Training ensures that employees understand and can carry out essential tasks, such as proper hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing measures and emergency protocols. To promote the health and safety of our workers and our community we will:
-Conduct training sessions to educate workers on emergency response procedures and pandemic-related safety protocols including proper PPE usage, hygiene practices, and social distancing measures.
-Include pandemic updates and hygiene education in regularly scheduled socially distanced tool box talks.
-Provide resources and support for mental health and well-being, recognizing the potential impact of a pandemic on the emotional health of workers.

Regular Reviews and Compliance with Regulations

At Vic Graders we recognize that pandemic situations can evolve rapidly, and regular reviews of our response plan are necessary to ensure it remains effective and up to date. Periodic assessments will help us adapt our strategies and procedures to address emerging challenges and new information. We are committed to:
-Regularly reviewing and updating our response plan in accordance with changing circumstances, government guidelines, and lessons learned from experiences.
-Ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations related to pandemic response and workplace safety.


At Vic Graders, safety is not just a policy; it is our commitment, our responsibility, and an integral part of our identity. Through collective effort and vigilance, we aim to create a workplace where everyone goes home safely every day.

Authorised By:

Luke Medley

20 March 2024